Planning and preparing for your sunday service

February 13, 2013

Almost weekly, I am asked what the process is for getting ready to honour the platform on a Sunday. In fact, to be a little more to the point, I am asked “how do you learn your stuff for Church?”

You know, one of the most important things I do in preparing for Sunday is PLANNING!! I have a relatively full life, working all the time doing television work, sheet music typesetting, lecturing, coaching….. it would be easy for me to turn up to a mid week rehearsal or a service soundcheck and not have prepared adequately for it.

But knowing what it is I am geared and wired to do for the Kingdom, an amazing and incredible thing happens that lays the foundation for everything that I do in my journey with Christ – I MAKE A CHOICE!

Now, I am wanting to encourage you all, not condemn you – as the Bible says, “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” and it is this first and firm realization that grounds you for life, as well as the work that you do in your 24/7 here on earth, gearing all that you live and breathe in Him for your ministry on the platform on a Sunday. (Hope you get what I mean . . . )

In planning for your contribution with the worship team on a Sunday, here are a few tips that may help you:

1.Have your songlist / setlist in front you, and all the resources that accompany that – this would include an audio recording of the song, lyrics, and a song sheet that can have either notation or chords.

2.Have information from your team leader / worship pastor / music director as to any changes in the arrangement of songs – different keys, altered forms, any additional elements (tags of other songs etc.)

3.Work on your songs in sections, getting every element of each part of the song concreted in your mind. It doesn’t really help you or the team if you glaze over the bits that need the most work – you can be guaranteed the part you may be smoothing over is a vital bit for the song (the song writer intends for those things to be earmarked!)

4.MUSICIANS – be sure to be listening to the song for what the other instruments are doing, so that what you bring complements and strengthens the musical conversation that is being brought.

5.SINGERS – learn ALL your lyrics and harmonies! All to often it is left to the ‘Worship Leader’ to carry the weight of bringing the words of the song. Please remember that WE ALL are LEADERS OF WORSHIP – we carry the load together, we go forward together, and sometimes we all trip over together…..

6.PRACTICE your songs before coming to the REHEARSAL – if you are unsure of the difference it is this: PRACTICE is what you do on your own, where you sharpen your gift and refine your work in preparation for the service, looking in detail at the songs you are pareparing. REHEARSAL is the culmination of everybody’s PRACTICE, so that what has been prepared at home is brought to the ‘table’ and everything is put together, like a well prepared meal!

7.An important thing to remember is that what you have invested into your preparation will primarily be what can be produced or returned – to make it easier – you reap what you sow….. let’s always be sure to prepare the soil well for the seed, so that it can grow, and the harvest can be reaped and His Kingdom extended.

I trust that you hear my heart in these thoughts – as always I am passionate about bringing the finest to my Saviour, and I pray that you are encouraged to lean in and dig deep for the treasures that are waiting for you in your walk with Him.